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Planning & Strategy

The fundamental definition of an event is a sequence of activities bringing people together to achieve a goal. That goal could be to help grow your customer base, increase brand awareness, promote your products or services, and build relationships with your audience. Whatever it may be, we are certain we can help you achieve it.

An event’s success is dependent on two things: The ability to successfully plan and manage all the moving parts. This requires a team of experts with knowledge of meetings, planning services, budgeting, marketing, public relations, logistics management, and emergency preparedness to name a few.

Creatives & Technology

Whatever the scale of your event, you will need creative content and the integration of technology to reach out to your intended audience at the right intensity! We provide a healthy range of services to put your mind at ease.

Creative content includes services like event styling, poster/flyer, banner, website/microsite, videos, photos, and copywriting. The integration of technology includes services such as interactive posters(AR), animated gifs, high resolution live streaming, and even NFT minting of your event collateral!

Marketing & Sales

Event marketing is about reaching out to people and creating a good impression in the customer’s mind. It needs to be fresh, energetic, and in alignment with the brand. A successful event marketing strategy will create hype through various media channels by providing an exciting topic for people to talk about. The buzz created should spread organically as it’s passed on to friends, family, and followers.

Production & Execution

An event coordinator is the backbone of any successful event. They are responsible for assessing risks, troubleshooting to ensure that there are no issues during the event, communicating with guests to see if they have any questions or concerns, making sure everyone has what they need and are comfortable, and executing each detail to perfection.

We are well-versed in problem solving under pressure, emphatic yet firm in communication and work efficiently with others. We believe that this objective and kind way of working will make your event a success.


It’s all about being safe as we connect with others at meetings, conferences or exhibitions. Singapore is a real hotspot for international MICE events and boasts some of the highest hygiene standards around the world such as SGClean and MICE Safe Management Measures (SMMs) monitored and enforced by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

At Aardvark Events & Studios, we have our own in-house SG Safe Ambassadors (SEA) to advise you on the latest Safe Business Events (SBE) framework, MOM, MOH, WHO, and industry specific SMMs relevant to your event.

Studio Services

About Us

Aardvark Events & Studios believes in the power of pulling resources and tapping on strengths to create beautiful, memorable experiences for you. We are passionate about bringing people together to do wonderful things.

Our event planning services include casual get-togethers, team building events, social gatherings, workshops, seminars, conferences and more. Whatever your event needs may be - we're here for you.

Our production house services include videography, photography, live stream, and hybrid work. We have a network of fun and talented individuals zealous about their craft and making things happen.

And finally, if you're an individual or a group looking for something meaningful to do, we are always looking for passionate people who want to make a difference in their communities through collaborative projects!

Let's make things happen.

Our Values